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Water Quality 3.15.2021/3.11.2021

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

How do you measure Water Quality?



Kauwela Kaia
Kauwela Kaia
Mar 16, 2021

During today's class we learned how to calibrate the barometer and Turbidity meter and how to use them to examine the quality of the water. We then went out to 4 water soused sites on property and tested the water quality. It was a very educational experience. I really enjoyed it.


There are many ways to measure the quality of water. Andrea Kealoha taught us a few basic ways to record water quality and able to see trends over time. We talked about 6 things that can be recorded to provide a story of the water. Oxygen, Salinity, Temperature, Nutrients, pH, Turbidity, We collected data at water sources in Kaehu using a tool called YSI which measure temp, oxygen, salinity, and pH. Also a tool called a turbidimeter. when recording the data at each site we can compare the numbers between each individual site or to itself overtime.

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