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Hawaiʻi Wildlife

Meet Your Kumu


Hannah Bernard

Executive Director and co-founder of Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund

 In the 1980s, Bernard and Gilmartin were colleagues at National Marine Fisheries Service. In 1996, they chose to take a pro-active approach at wildlife recovery and together started Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund. Bernard is an award-winning marine biologist with 38 years of experience in conducting research, education, and community outreach programs on protected marine life (29 of those years on Maui). She has served on numerous Boards and the federally-appointed Pacific Scientific Review Group, Pacific Cetacean Take Reduction team, and the Hawai’i Longline False Killer Whale Take Reduction Team.

Magdalena Teriitua Carey

Senior naturalist with Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund’s Honu Watch Project

Magdalena enjoys sharing not only her knowledge about the green sea turtle (honu) but also her passion for the ocean and for the Hawaiian culture. In her spare time, she competes competitively on a Hawaiian canoe paddling team and coaches local kids in the sport.

Originally from Tahiti, Magda has called Maui home for over 15 years and holds a deep respect for the island and its people. In addition to her work teaching the public about sea turtles, she coordinates HWF’s Maui Marine Debris Program, working with volunteers to clean Maui’s beaches. In 2018, she joined the Eat Less Plastic voyage in Tahiti aimed at raising awareness about plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean.



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