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Meet The Kumu


Andrea Kealoha

PhD, UH Maui College,

Water Quality Department

Andrea Kealoha is from Paʻia and is an oceanographer who specializes in climate change and human impacts on coral reef health. After receiving her Ph.D in Oceanography from Texas A& M University in 2019, she moved home to Maui in search of a career in which she could apply her knowledge to increase resistance and resilience of Hawaiʻi’s coral reefs. Andrea is now a faculty member at UH Maui College and runs the new water quality lab. In addition to conducting coral
reef research, she also enjoys working with students and the community on water quality monitoring and education.

Who Are We?
Meet the Kumu: Andrea Kealoha
Introduction To Water Quality
Exploring the Lab
Measuring Water Quality
GPS Activity
Mahalo for Learning With Us
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